SEC Sends Reminder Regarding Revisions to Form ADV Part 1

On August 2, 2017, the SEC sent out a reminder email to advisers that beginning on October 1, 2017, all investment advisers filing Form ADV must use the revised version of Part 1A.  Advisers that amend their ADV (Part 1 or 2) after September 30, 2017 will need to answer the new / revised questions.  Keep in mind that all investment advisers must update their Form ADV within 90 days after their fiscal year end.

The changes are substantial and include disclosures about the types of investments made by advisers and the percentages of assets under management invested in each.  Additional disclosures are required of advisers that invest client assets in derivatives (including options).

Members of MarketCounsel’s compliance management programs can find more information on the revisions on RIAglass.

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