“Whatever you do, don’t call them brokers.” @Think_MelanieW @ThinkAdvisor highlights @HDelux

As Brian Hamburger, CEO of regulatory consulting firm MarketCounsel, noted on the recent webcast, in 1999 — under what is commonly referred to as the broker-dealer exemption — the SEC said that brokers’ fee-based advice “did not have to include a fiduciary responsibility as long as the broker wasn’t making the final investment decision,” sparking a proliferation in the early 2000s of fee-based brokerage accounts.  Brokerage firms then started to “dress up” as independent advisors and started to “rebrand” the broker role — with firms applying different titles to registered reps like financial consultant, financial representative and wealth manager — with the message from the firms being: “‘Whatever you do, don’t call them brokers.’”

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