About the Team

The success of any organization can be directly traced to the quality and dedication of its people. At MarketCounsel, our professional staff works together with a talented support staff, all of whom excel at what they do and enjoy working together in a rather unconventional, high-tech team environment. The unifying purpose, shared by our entire team, is singular in nature — to maintain highly satisfied clients by delivering unparalleled value. And while that may sound simplistic, few if any can come close to the client satisfaction levels we enjoy.

So, how do we do it? By simultaneously furnishing practical, honest and pragmatic business advice delivered with an extraordinarily personal level of service. To qualify as a member of our professional staff, counsel must generally be securities attorneys who have worked with investment advisers for a minimum of five years and have previously held a position in the securities industry. While we may take a rare exception for someone who possesses a unique and highly-desirable skill set combined with significant industry experience, current mastery of the subject matter and knowledge of real-life applications of the theory come standard here, and are the hallmark of our service.

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Meredith J. Abrams, JD
Sharron E. Ash, JD
Chief Litigation Counsel

Scott M. Brown, JD
Director, Adviser Services

Gary D. Davis
Vice President, Practice Management

Dawn Hertzel
Legal Assistant
Herz copy
Arnie D. Herz, JD
Of Counsel

Sandra Honegan-Pounder, JD

Cindy Horowitz

Corey S. Kupfer, JD
Director, Entrepreneur Services

Emily Rathod

Layne Ross
Legal Assistant

Brian J. Rypkema, JD

Inna Shur-Aksanov
Regulatory Assistant

Jennifer B. Turoff, JD
Of Counsel

BeeSian Yap


Daniel A. Bernstein, JD
Director, Research & Development
Chief Knowledge Officer

Marc Cohen
Managing Director
Chief Operating Officer
Brian  Hamburger
Brian Hamburger, JD, CRCP, AIFA®
Chief Executive Officer

Kimberly Mason
Business Development Associate

Danielle Mattina
Finance Associate

Kelia Pernia
Office Manager

Rosie Sanchez
Vice President, Productions