We put the best people to work, delivering the highest quality counsel and an uncompromising service experience, all on the most advanced technology platform for the benefit of our members. We take a truly proactive approach to our responsibilities and are vigilant about our overall commitment to their success. In short, we know that from their success comes ours.

Beyond the business processes and strong technology that our service model is built upon, it is the quality of our professionals that makes MarketCounsel a truly special partner. Intent on avoiding the call center or “next available operator” effect that has plagued countless consulting relationships, MarketCounsel has imposed the most rigorous qualification standards and ongoing training in the industry for its counsel. Each compliance professional is a seasoned securities attorney with years of experience or comes with skills garnered from extensive employment within the securities industry. This depth of knowledge allows us to develop solutions that are truly “outside the box” and addresses the fundamental issues with forward-thinking and novel approaches that are tailored for each of our members.

Leadership Team

MarketCounsel - Brian Hamburger, President & CEO

Daniel Bernstein

Chief Regulatory Counsel
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MarketCounsel - Walter Booker, Director of Client Experience

Walter K. Booker

Chief Operating Officer
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MarketCounsel Ryan Marcus, General Manager

Ryan Marcus

Director of Engagement
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