Our Story

The MarketCounsel Story

“Opportunity doesn’t knock, it presents itself when you beat down the door.”

PrincetonMarketCounsel came about when our founder, Brian Hamburger, could no longer ignore the glaring gap in the services available to small to mid-sized registered investment advisers. The choices were limited to one of two extremes – either “out-of-the-box” and impersonal registration services, or more personalized but prohibitively priced counsel from the few law firms in the country that practiced in this area. Neither solution provided investment advisers with the tools for success. In short, nobody was providing real value or taking a proactive approach to the success of their clients.

So in true entrepreneurial fashion, Brian picked up and left the comfortable confines of a sizable law firm, insistent on providing his investment adviser clients with unparalleled expertise combined with uncompromising service, structured and priced in a way that small to mid-sized firms could afford. With a six-month old daughter in tow and and a son on his way, he sold his house to finance the endeavor, and in August of 2000 MarketCounsel and simultaneously, the Hamburger Law Firm, were formed. Starting with no more than shared office space and one assistant, the result has been far beyond all expectations and projections.

Three years later, Brian was joined by his former law firm colleague and friend, Dan Bernstein, who now serves as our Director of Research & Development.

MarketCounsel Today

MarketCounsel clients are now serviced by a team of more than thirty-one dedicated men and women, a substantial number of whom possess advanced, post-graduate degrees or professional industry credentials. However, all share one thing in common — an unwavering commitment to the success of our clients.

Our professional staff is comprised of ten experienced securities attorneys , all experts in the fields of financial services regulation, employment law, dispute and litigation, contracts and entity formation, structuring and life cycle. The firm continually presents numerous internal and external continuing education opportunities and requires that its professionals keep abreast of industry and regulatory developments and trends.

In October 2006, we moved into our current location in Englewood, New Jersey; a custom-built facility designed to our exacting specifications and unique needs. The office is located less than 10 miles from midtown Manhattan, within a short drive of all three major metropolitan New York commercial airports.