Day in and day out, our clients are our motivation and inspiration. That’s why we refuse to ever cut corners when it comes to the quality of our programs. Just knowing the vital role we play in their growth and development helps us to wake up in the morning, and more importantly helps our clients to sleep well at night. It shouldn’t come as any surprise, therfore, that the most valuable rewards we receive are the constant flow of testimonials from satisfied and grateful clients and partners.

  • “We have been totally impressed with each of the people we have worked with. They have all been very professional. In retrospect, your advice was very good and has paid dividends in the early stages of our firm. We already treasure the relationship we have developed with you and your firm and look forward to a long and successful relationship.”

Awards and Appointments

While not as inspiring as testimonials from our clients, there are some disinterested third parties that have something to say about what we’re doing here too.

Hailed as “The Real Deal” by Investment Advisor Magazine. Investment Advisor
Named By Inc. Magazine as
“One of the fastest growing private companies in the United States.”

Five years running.

Inc.  500

  • “MarketCounsel is the independent advisors’ alternative to a B/D’s compliance department.”
  • “MarketCounsel is a quintessential outsourcing source for independent advisors who are cost conscious but recognize the need for expert consulting help in key areas.”
  • “Hamburger understands the business of independent advice the way the Olsen Twins understand bling. “
  • “MarketCounsel offers a level of experience and knowledge backed up by a professional staff and technology that most advisory firms could never afford on their own.”
  • “Combined with his own unique experience and training, Brian Hamburger has created services that are a dead-on solution to one of the major issues that advisory firms face today. It’s a perfect use of today’s technology to leverage professional expertise, enabling independent advisors to not only out-compete Wall Street on client service, but on the bottom line as well.”

Constant Improvement

“When you think something’s more important than getting it right…think again.”

Since our inception, we have never stopped innovating and remain steadfast in our focus. Our service offerings have consistently sought to address the complex needs of entrepreneurial, closely-held investment advisers across the country. Both the RIA Incubator® and the RIA Institute for Compliance Management (formerly known as “Your Compliance Officer”) have been in existence since day one of the firm’s operations, becoming the standard by which all other competitors’ services are measured by. In recent years, we’ve added the Custom Consulting program, to address the needs of larger financial institutions and other companies seeking to foster relationships with our core clientele.

Resting on our laurels and our reputation, however, is not an option. We are keenly aware that our clients face constantly evolving business and regulatory changes, and thus the individual services comprising each of our programs must expand and adapt to meet these new challenges.

Business Continuity

Coming soon…

Competitive Advantage

“Success breeds imitation and imitation breeds mediocrity.” – James Chanos, Kynikos Associates